New leaks reveal some of the specifications of the phone Meizu 16s

Monitoring of the new version of the smartphones in the GeekBench, reference is made to that phone Meizu 16s high, which houses the processor chip Snapdragon 855.

Meizu 16s GeekBench

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Stop leaks around the phone Meizu 16s who appeared in live images over the past period after the adoption of the phone from the 3C, and it is a new day to monitor the phone in GeekBench.

It is estimated that the phone comes the Meizu M16s who knows now with the symbol of the alps m1971 with the chip Snapdragon processor 855, the phone also comes memory random 6 GB RAM.

Also reveal leaks GeekBench on the performance of the good phone which comes in second place in the tests of the processing unit multi-nuclei after cell phone Mi 9, while the win phone version of the Samsung Galaxy S10, on the other hand, outperform the Galaxy S10 in nuclei single story.


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