New leaks confirm the US the advent of the Xbox One S All-Digital free reader CD-ROM drive


We have heard in the past, several reports have indicated that Microsoft is working on a new model of the Xbox One S will be free from reader CD-ROM drive supports Xbox One S All Digital. Now, if you doubt the authenticity of these reports, we are here with the new diversion would help to dispel those doubts, and this recording is a portrait of the official US flag of this machine. Interestingly in this picture it does not confirm not only the name and the design of the device, but it also reveals some of the features that will come out of this device.

As previous reports indicated, are new assures us once again that Xbox One S All Digital will be free from the CD player, and content 4K and HDR, as it will come with 1 TB of internal memory. Apparently, this device will come with the hand of the One Wireless Controller, and preloaded with three games include Forza Horizon 3 and Minecraft and the Sea of Thieves.

As its name suggests, this device will focus on games that are downloaded via the internet which makes it appropriate for players not interested in dealing with CDs for games. It is rumored that it will be shown that the device for pre-order in mid-April with its official launch in market in early May. We do not currently have any information about the price of this device, but there’s a chance that costs less than the Xbox One S current because it will take about some of the ingredients, but will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, pointed out a rumor earlier that Microsoft is planning to reveal next-generation Xbox at the annual E3 2019, note that there’s a possibility that we see two devices, one normal and the other will benefit from the gaming service arithmetic xCloud.

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