New leaks confirm the US the advent of the phone Oppo Reno in four different colors


Phone for Oppo Reno will be released officially on the 10th day of April next, but thanks to leaks, we know how it will look like the design of the phone from the back. According to sources from China, they will be offering the phone for Oppo Reno which is supposed to provide approximation of the hybrid reaches 10x in black, green, purple, and pink.

Yesterday, a leaked image of know us Phone Oppo Reno the same color green ( Aurora Green ) the user is on the phone for Oppo R17 Pro, but the photo of the day proposes to design a completely different interface background, this is what drives our intel is shopping the Fake within the two.

Phone for Oppo Reno will have three cameras in the cell in vertical position so that it will put the main camera is a normal lens, while will be the camera of the second wide-angle lens, the camera the second lens is close. At the moment, we’re not sure of the rest of the technical specifications of this phone, but we expect the advent of this phone with the processor Snapdragon 710 or Snapdragon 855, and with a huge battery with a capacity of up to 4000mAh or more.


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