New leaks confirm design curved sides of the phone Meizu 15 Plus


It was the Meizu phone 15 Plus focus to rumors and leaks since December last year, has been in the last week only leaked a set of photo-realistic for this device. In line with that, it was today leaked set of photos won’t be a phone with some protective glass designed to protect the curved screen sides of the device.

Manufacturer setting screen this is not among the companies that care about technical specifications, so there is no any additional information about the technical specifications of the phone Meizu 15 Plus in these images. Having said that, these images emphasize not only the design of the phone, and the fact that this device will feature a curved screen the Parties to the framework very skinny at the top and bottom.


It is still unclear where the company will Meizu status of sensor fingerprint for that there is not enough space in the front of the phone for this sensor, and add to that previous leaks didn’t know us sensor fingerprint in the backend. Thus, this leads us to believe that he will put the sensor of the fingerprint in the side similar to some of the Xperia smartphones of Sony, or embed the sensor of the fingerprint under the screen as the company did Vivo with the phone Vivo X20 Plus UD.


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