New leaks about the design and specifications of the iPad Pro 2018

This topic New leaks about the design and specifications of the iPad Pro for 2018 appeared on Engadget.

New details about the design and specifications of the device, Apple upcoming iPad Pro, where he revealed the latest leaks about the specification of the display quality, the screen size along with some other specifications.

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Planning to Apple for the official announcement about the iPad Pro New later this month, where Apple currently already have some of the latest tests on the device before the official announcement.

Comes iPad Pro 2018 the quality of the show keeps the last versions of the company’s size 10.5 inch, 12.9-inch, where he is scheduled to come your iPad 8.1, and also iPad 8.4 the quality of the display 1112 in 834, while comes iPad 8.5 and iPad 8.8 quality 1366 in 1024 px.

It also houses your iPad Pro for 2018 technology Apple that operates on the collection of 4 pixels at each point to produce the highest quality presentation, as it refers to models iPad Pro possible with facial recognition Face ID coming with the same screen size 10.5 inch, 12.9 inch with dimensions of 4:3.

Also among the other specifications revealed by this screen design for the iPad Pro, which features the design from edge to edge in trying to design the iPhone X.

While kidnapped leaks Ming-Chi Kuo of the previous bit in the forecast screen size for the iPad Pro next, where he noted that Apple offered a model the size of 11 inch and the size of 12.9 inch, you may change the display quality with a screen size of 11 inches for sure.

As pointed outlook Mac Otakara suggest that the iPad Pro next will feature a 10.5-inch screen in distinctive design and introduce by 4 mm, coupled with expectations the size of a very slim device up to a thickness of 5.9 mm only, so it may comes this version without the entrance to the sky in support of this slim design.

Also expected to come to the design of the micro version of the iPad Pro design offer $ 178.52 mm to work, with 247.64 mm length of the device.

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It also comes the greater version of the iPad Pro measuring 215 mm in the display device 280.66 mm in the measurement of the length of the device.

Recall that a lot of expectations and I met on the distinctive design is framed skinny for iPad Pro next to the side of the system TrueDepth in the camera to support facial recognition.

Also comes iPad Pro with smart analytics at the rear of the device, as the device supports USB-C port as an alternative port of Lightning, the device features a chip Apple possible A12X, with the support of the new generation of Pen Apple, so we expect the official announcement to reveal the details of the specifications of the iPad Pro this year.


This topic New leaks about the design and specifications of the iPad Pro for 2018 appeared on Engadget.

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