New keyboard MacBook Pro 2018 in older laptops will not put even the repair

Recently Apple introduced new MacBook Pro notebooks. This time new items really seriously changed.

Then you and the new processors and faster SSD and a new keyboard, which would be quieter and, as such, will no longer break due to dust. But this is not accurate.

Today on the new Macs came just two news. First, it became known that Apple has no stock of spare parts for repair. Because of this, when breakdowns first, the laptops will simply change completely. This situation will continue until approximately the end of September.

The second news is that the new keyboard will not be put into the old MacBook Pro for repair. That is, if you are the owner of an old model and you have a keyboard out of order due to dust, you can replace the same keyboard first or second generation, depending on the model. Claudia new generation you get.

Perhaps the problem is incompatibility, and, perhaps, the greed of Apple. Anyway, new Claudia in the old Macs we will see, and pity.

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