New in the world of apps – the latest news and important updates! (5)

Replete with the app stores with millions of apps and we all have our bouquet, we own them but we share also in the use of some applications and services are famous, some are also paid his curiosity to experience new things, in a series of articles “new in the world of apps” that we’ll periodically we’ll give you a summary of important news and updates to your most popular apps!

Instagram reaches a billion monthly users!

The number of users Instagram into a billion monthly users according to what the team announced the developer based on the app, to Instagram, to Club applications the file optional, which includes Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Google+, and WhatsApp.

إنستاغرام يصل إلى مليار مستخدم شهرياً!

Instagram reaches a billion monthly users!

The launch of the application Instagram for the first time in 2010 on the iOS platform and then Android later, Facebook acquired it in a historic deal reached million, and estimates that the Instagram accounts for about 30% of the total profits of Facebook via ads.

Facebook: annoying ads inside Messenger!

He started Facebook in display ads and in-app chat, Facebook Messenger. Ads a bit annoying because it is a video that automatically buys and no way to stop him, and according to the head of the advertising department at facebook, the users will rely on it in the future!

Instagram won’t organize its users after the Screenshot

In February last did Instagram start testing a new feature to alert users when the image capture screen Screenshot to your story (Stories) that put it on your account, and in the latter the decline Instagram about this decision, as announced by the app officially after not receiving good feedback about it.

It is worth mentioning that the feature story Stories same taken from snapchat as to that property the recent “development after a picture of the screen” also exists in snapchat, in something surprising about copy the advantages of the application of the competition!

WhatsApp continues to work on older devices!

Application WhatsApp will continue to work on older devices Android 2.3 Gingerbread which dates back to eight years ago, and also the hardware operating system iOS 7 and that up to 2020 the next.

واتس آب يستمر في العمل على الأجهزة القديمة!

WhatsApp continues to work on older devices!

WhatsApp is also still currently working on some Nokia devices of old in an attempt to retain the largest base of users, even though WhatsApp is not profitable on Facebook – the owner of Watson August – at the current time than other applications.

Uber announces Uber app Lite

The company announced the aweber about a new app called Uber Lite is a light version of the primary application of the company, that app can work on devices modest specs, as it can also be used on any device as a substitute for the original, it offers all the basic advantages and does not consumes a lot of resources of the device.

أوبر تعلن عن تطبيق Uber Lite

Uber announces Uber app Lite

The volume of the Uber app Lite about 5 MB and is currently available on the Google Play Store for users in India and will be launched in other countries soon.

Google asks favorite apps on Google Play

Google launched officially favorite apps on the Google Play Store, and is a dedicated application to subscribe and manage your favorite podcast. A podcast is a audio loops kind of like radio programs, and cover diverse topics in technology, sports and learning languages and self-development and the good and otherwise.

جوجل يطلق تطبيق Podcasts على جوجل بلاي

Google asks favorite apps on Google Play

Through the application of Podcasts will continue to search for podcasts and subscribe to get new episodes and access to the archive of previous episodes, also will suggest you the app of the podcast to subscribe to, as well as its compatibility with the plugin the personal Google Account and can download the app from the Google Play Store of through this link.

Google determines the application of Datally for in Internet Pack

Application Datally is an application launched by Google the end of last year its basic function, allowing the user to control the Internet package and that data. Google has updated the application Datally recently to add some features like setting a limit for daily consumption, the status of the visiting Guest Mode to determine the size of the data consumption to the you will set your phone to a friend like, in addition to map networks of WiFi near with the clarification speed of the connection across them, and you can download a recent version of Datally on Android devices via this link.

جوجل يحدث تطبيق Datally للتحكم في باقة الإنترنت

Google determines the application of Datally for in Internet Pack

Instagram request the application of the IGTV video clips long

Launched Instagram a new app called IGTV and is a separate application dedicated to watch videos tones an extended period of time on Instagram. The app will also introduce you to video clips longitudinal Vertical videos from people you follow on Instagram in addition to new nominations. The app is currently available on the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android.

انستاغرام يطلق تطبيق IGTV لمقاطع الفيديو الطويلة

Instagram request the application of the IGTV video clips long

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