New in the world of apps – the latest news and important updates! (4)

Replete with the app stores with millions of apps and we all have our bouquet, we own them but we share also in the use of some applications and services are famous, some are also paid his curiosity to experience new things, in a series of articles “new in the world of apps” that we’ll periodically we’ll give you a summary of important news and updates to your most popular apps!

The App Store gives a free trial period for all apps

According to the rules of Apple, proposed the free trials only to applications based on subscription like the Apple Music service, which offers a free trial version for a limited period with the agreement that users pay a monthly or annual subscription fees as soon as the expiry of the free period.

But paid apps and the other did not enjoy the advantage of the period business combination the Board and that till the time the case, which has become one of the biggest complaints among the community of users of iOS .

Now thanks to the update rules 3.1.1 , Apple now allows app developers that carry a price tag attached to it to provide a trial period, and will be on the developers to specify a free trial period clearly before you do them, coupled with the narrative content or the services that will be revoked when you are done.

Facebook adds feature Lip Sync Live similar to Dubsmash

Facebook announced about two major changes in the way in which can be used to music on the platform. Users will be able to now embed the music within the video clips are personal and choose from a variety of songs through a new feature called Lip Sync Live.

This feature also will perform songs and scenes famous, just like Dubsmash, and Facebook this feature is currently in many areas. If the application of Lip Sync Live available to you, it will appear as an option when you start the live video. You can then select a song from the list, add a description and further customizations.

Google adds Saver mode for battery “battery saver” to develop keyboard Gboard

Move Google to update their application always fits the need of all users, and the application of the keyboard Gboard has come a long way with these updates since its launch in the market thanks to monthly updates that it receives.

And now Google is testing more features on the application of the Gboard.

Includes the latest version of the application Gboard demo some of the new features enjoyed a big opportunity for publication to all in the next update. The most important of these improvements is what allows the status of battery saving. Which is designed to save your phone battery when you use the keyboard Gboard by switching to the appearance of the dark and disable some features energy-consuming. You will can mode is enabled battery saving and disable it manually.

Google images offers the advantage of admiring the pictures and videos that are shared

Google has begun to ask update lets users of Google images “liked” the picture or video or the album that was shared across the application.

If you’re ready to the image and I liked it, you can now record you like by clicking on the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, will receive a person who is engaged the sound notifications know your feelings. Also, you will be able to others who receive the same pictures, videos and albums participation of the participation of “like”.

Update Instagram last allows users to share the diary which had been mentioned in

Came the latest update to apply Instagram new feature allows users to watch daily and they’re mentioned in.

Even now, whenever reference is made to a user, a notification appears inside the chat DM informing him, andif the person wants to re-publish it, you will need to scan it and send it manually.

But now,instead of that, you will notice the usual with the notice of DM is “add this to the diary” “Add This to Your Story”.

You will be able to users to add stickers or GIFs or even text at the top, with show the name of the original owner. the bottom of the case, confirmed Instagram that this feature only compatible with personal files only.

The advent of the smart reply feature to the messages application in a number of Android phones

Earlier Google has made adding options smart reply to the application of Gmail, and the police about the arrival of this feature to the messaging application on the phone.

And now appeared the smart reply feature for messaging app that Android has some users, when you receive a text message from someone requesting your response, the app does suggest more than a quick response is available vary between them.

Instagram is working to increase the duration of the video cross-platform to a full hour

According to the Wall Street Journal, you realize Instagram is currently getting rid of restrictions duration of the video Ltd. through its platform, will allow this new feature to increase the duration of the videos to an hour to complete via the app.

The app currently supports videos up to 60 seconds in home pages, while not allowed to exceed 15 seconds in the diary.

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Samsung add the heroes of the film The incredibles to EN Emoji with the new characters.

The iOS update 11.4 service supports messages in iCloud , and sync iMessages with iCloud .

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