New ideas TCL review the two phones are bending

To the extent that the phones bendy hot topic in the recent period, it is almost impossible to get an integrated phone. We have seen the Samsung phone said taxi Fuld with a screen size of 7.3 inch and the Huawei Mate X removable bend out screen 8 inch, and now the firm other models for her phones.

Recently, the company revealed a TCL for the two models of smart phones bendy, namely the prototypes, one of which is a foldaway bed 3 times, to full screen huge size 10 inch, while the other device is small in size style phones old classic.

The most noteworthy thing phone TCL is that the joint itself is moving in different directions, so that establish the form of a zigzag movement Z during opening and closing device, and the user gets on a big screen the size of a 10 inch as the tablet when you open the device completely, while at the crease moving small screens on top of each other for easy put phone in pocket, with the possibility to use one screen while you bend the other screens.

Smart phones bendy’s design style is expected to expand in the next few years, so as to provide a large screen with the possibility of bending them to the size of current phones, so that it is large screen suitable for reading and watching videos, games, and multitasking, although the significant concerns of damage to the screen easily as soon as the fall of the phone.

Model phone the other provided by the company is similar to classic phones of old, but full screen instead of traditional buttons, so that they can bend the phone from the middle to a device the size of a very small after bending, while these models of phones do not have a name or a price or any details about the possibility of their production in the near future, but its excellent designs, I hope that we see reality.

Source: Cnet

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