New Galaxy A10 will be equipped with a scanner below the display. Huawei will face hard times?

2019 — the year mainstream devices. And it’s just obvious on the background of popularity of such devices on the market. Why buy a flagship when the smartphone average price category offers interesting specs? For example, the most popular technologer in the world called MKBHD OnePlus 6T worth of $ 550 best smartphone of 2018, and best budget device named Poco F1 cost $ 300 in the Snapdragon 845. Samsung understands the consumer interest in the market for inexpensive devices, so preparing to release Galaxy A10.

If you believe the Chinese, who merges different in the old Twitter, we are waiting for the release of Galaxy A10 with scanner below the display. Moreover, earlier the same source reported that Samsung is preparing a device in the middle price segment on the Snapdragon 845 (probably, this is A10). Of course, this processor is not the current flagship, but it is still the flagship. By the way, the smartphone on the Snapdragon 855 was already submitted earlier by the company Lenovo.

Wait a minute. You still think Snapdragon 845 at the end of 2018? Maybe, but not for Samsung. Understand, Samsung has never cared about market performance mainstream devices, and the fact that it is not the flagship of the company will be the flagship processor, Samsung has demonstrated a desire to comply with the new policy, according to which Koreans will be equipped with the usual devices of the flagship features.

And the presence of the scanner under the display even more confirms the desire of the Koreans. The scanner under the display available to the few owners with cheap devices. Can recall only one smartphone is a Meizu 16X, which in Russia is about 30 thousand rubles. It can make a real competition to Samsung.

While this is all the information on this device, but now one thing is clear — in 2019 we are waiting for a serious battle between Samsung and Huawei. Who will be the winner?

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