New features to the application keyboard Google Gboard rely on artificial intelligence

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لوحة مفاتيح جوجل Gboard تقترح الآن الصور المتحركة GIF والملصقات والرموز التعبيرية استنادًا إلى محادثتك

Depends keyboard application famous Gboard provided by the company Google is one of the most keyboard apps common among the users of phones Android andiPhone, which enables users to many of the basic features such as writing scroll images as well as the advantages of customization is wonderful, in addition to the integration of the Google search engine within the keyboard.

Google announced the day before yesterday on the latest update to apply the Gboard, which carries some new features that rely on techniques of artificial intelligence the most important feature of the proposal GIF animations, posters, stickers, emoji emoji based on your conversation.

Confirm Google that as of today all users of the Android operating system enjoy this update which will give them experience in quick conversations that include emoji or stickers quickly without having to look at the outset about the symbols or posters that reflect what they write during the conversation.

When you write on a keyboard Gboard after the update is installed you will see the icon “GIF”, new on the bottom of the North Field auto-correction, click on it and you will see the file the GIF stickers & emoji related to what you wrote, for example if I wrote “Good Morning!”, the You’ll see GIFs, stickers, emoji associated with all what you wrote.

ميزات جديدة بتطبيق لوحة مفاتيح جوجل Gboard تعتمد على الذكاء الاصطناعي

It should be noted that the app was allowing users to create GIF animations, by two modes, first create animated GIFs for 3 seconds, the second position gives the possibility to capture moving images for a full minute, and after completion of recording moving pictures you can share it with friends directly, and accordingly change all that with the advantage of proposals that support artificial intelligence.

Has confirmed the company Google through the publication of the announcement of the new update that these suggestions only user-specific and as quickly as possible where they are processed completely within the application on the user’s phone in order to maintain the fertility of the labeling proposed.

Also confirmed that this feature is available to users of the application on the Android operating system in all around the world starting today, but it initially will support only English language, and over time will Google expand the proposals of the Gboard to many more languages, with more types of content to help users do more in a conversation directly.

The gate Arab News Technical new features to the application keyboard Google Gboard rely on artificial intelligence

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