New features in the iOS update 13.2 know them – Part II

The iOS update 13.2 is one of the largest updates sub to celebrate the joys of the new features we have in an earlier review of the first part of the most important features of iOS 13.2 find this link. And now we learn the rest of those possible amendments until you get the full use of your device.

مميزات جديدة في تحديث iOS 13.2 تعرف عليها - الجزء الثاني

Notes on the text in the editor backgrounds

When you enable or disable Live Audio Live Photo and the perspective zoom feature Perspective Zoom in a photo editor background, you can now get notifications of text confirm to you what you choose, whether operational or suspension. Before, you need to rely on the small icons to see which option you have chosen.

Update on the movement of the window raising and lowering the sound

There is a slight change in the movement of the window raising and lowering the sound. Before, they were showing adjacent to the almost left side of the screen and disappear slowly. Now, there is a slight difference between them and the edge of the screen this is in addition to the movement of appearing and disappearing new. Why Apple is so unclear, but maybe it’s typically Apple in attention to detail.

Update the button to raise and lower the sound in the Control Center

You will now see the icon of the audio devices that are compatible and available with iPhone, the button to raise and lower the sound in the Control Center.

Page of privacy settings in the “application search”

You’ll find the settings page to the privacy of the new development of Apple’s next new “find” . There is nothing else for this option at this time, where is not version of the app yet.

Handoff has become AirPlay & Handoff

HadOff iOS 13.2

Not a feature but a change in the named HandOff and add the AirPlay with him.

The run option broadcast automatically to the TV

In the preparation of the “AirPlay & Handoff”, you’ll find a new option “AirPlay to TVs” or in Arabic “playback using AirPlay on TV”. Here you can choose from “Never” Never, which will not be broadcast automatically to the Connected TV. And the option “ask” Ask, and you will be prompted to connect to your TV to iOS system; the option “automatic” Automatic transfer content automatically to the TV to iOS.

The option “move to headphones HomePod” new

Also new on the preparation of “AirPlay & Handoff” is “Transfer to HomePod” or conversion to home iPod. With this setting enabled, you can transfer media easily from iPhone, to home iPod by making the iPhone close to the top for the HomePod.

The evidence of your AirTag

Just as AirPods Pro which showed codes update; it has also been found in the files of the codes iOS 13.2 from the other product coming under the name of AirTag. Which can refer to a device like device Apple Tile or it could be is the Apple changed his name, this device is a function of tracking personal items, which will be paired with the iDevice iPhone just like the AirPods will allow users to track anything of their own using the application Find My.

It is still unclear the date of the announcement of this new device, but it is possible to advertise very soon because of their presence in the operating system.

Evidence of cover battery for iPhone 11

Was found on the middle third-in codes iOS 13.2. A cover of the iPhone with a battery dedicated for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

The screen of the ‘Add extension’ in the HomeKit

Application contains HomeKit is now on the screen of the ‘Add Extension’ New.

That’s all we know so far about the new iOS update 13.2 what do you think about these updates? Tell us in the comments.



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