New features in the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S-9 and s-9 plus

The camera update are the most important and most prominent this year in the Samsung phones Galaxy S 9 (Galaxy S9) and Galaxy S-9 Plus (Galaxy S9 Plus) both at the level of photography and capturing images or recording and filming the video, and here in this article showing the most important advantages of the Galaxy Camera S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

المزايا الجديدة في كاميرا سامسونج جالكسي إس 9 و إس 9 بلس

New features in the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S-9 and s-9 plus

Camera girl lens variable … such as your eyes!

This is of major updates in camera Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus , then the camera changes the amplitude of the lens according to the lighting conditions in the surrounding area, if it was good lighting or in daylight will tell the camera to take pictures with a Lens Aperture of F/2.4, while in night lighting or low lighting will cause the lens to F/1.5 to capture more light, just like the pupil of the eye that reacts to lighting in the same way see clearly in today’s times various.

صورة ملتقطة بكاميرا Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus إضاءة نهارية F/2.4

Picture taken with Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus day-lighting F/2.4

Aperture ultra wide F/1.5 allocated to night and low-light will enable the user to capture images without distortion and with the clarity and brightness of the high, also thanks to the technique of Multiframe Noise Reductions that allow the camera to capture several images and then merge them together in a fraction of a second what works to reduce picture noise to the least possible degree.

صورة ملتقطة بكاميرا Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus إضاءة منخفضة F/1.5

Picture taken with Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus low light F/1.5

Video slow motion .. very slow!

The camera supports Samsung Galaxy S 9 , Galaxy S-9 plus video filming slow motion Slow Motion Video super fast up to 960 frames per second thanks to a sensor in the new camera, this means the possibility of filming 0.2 seconds at the tire superoxide and displayed slowly in 6 seconds, and HD.

Also can edit video easily via several options such as add music from either the video editor or from the list of music you have, it also can convert video slow motion to the animated GIF in three different styles : the regular style, or the style of the reflected view of its inverted time, or a hybrid and is a mix between the two.

إمكانية تعديل الفيديو بطيء الحركة بسهولة عبر جالكسي إس 9 / إس 9 بلس

Possibility to edit video slow motion easily across the galaxy s-9 / s-9 plus

Also can you put the video slow motion on your lock screen on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, as you start recording slow-motion HD video automatically with the beginning of a movement in the scene after activating the option to discover the freedom of Motion Detection.

خيار اكتشاف الحركة عند تصوير الفيديو البطيء

The option of the discovery motion when shooting slow-motion video

The focus of the neighborhood and the effects bokeh effects backup (Galaxy S-9 plus only)

Camera on Galaxy S 9-plus rear Double while the camera on Galaxy S 9 mono, and this gives the camera on Galaxy S 9 plus preference in three advantages: optical zoom even twice, focus Live Focus effects of bokeh effects. These advantages of the three non-existent in the camera on Galaxy S 9, and otherwise have all the advantages.

Focus Live Focus camera Galaxy S9 Plus is a characteristic Portrait Mode famous and that work to focus on a person or thing that you want to capture a picture of him with the action jamming in the background, and a focus of the neighborhood allows user to control the degree of the background noise on a scale of 0 to 7.

التركيز الحي في جالكسي إس 9 بلس : درجة 0

Focus live at the galaxy s-9 plus : score 0

التركيز الحي في جالكسي إس 9 بلس : درجة 3

Focus live at the galaxy s-9 plus : grade 3

التركيز الحي في جالكسي إس 9 بلس : درجة 7

Focus live at the galaxy s-9 plus : grade 7

The effects of the bokeh effects are effects are performed on the background blurry to make it look more attractive, where you analyze the spots and dots optical into cute shapes such as: hearts, butterflies, snow, and other as we see in the pictures attached and which have been photographed and adjusted via the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S-9 plus.

تأثيرات Bokeh في كاميرا جالكسي إس 9 بلس : فراشات

Effects bokeh effects in camera on Galaxy S 9 plus : butterfly

تأثيرات Bokeh في كاميرا جالكسي إس 9 بلس : قلوب

Effects bokeh effects in camera on Galaxy S 9 plus : hearts

The technique of optical stabilization OIS: photo without the distortion and vibration!

Work camera Samsung Galaxy S9 with optical stabilization OIS, as well as supporting all of the cameras back two in the Galaxy S9 Plus technology installation visual also for more stability and no vibration at calls it a Samsung Dual Dual OIS.

تقنية التثبيت البصري OIS في كاميرا جالكسي إس 9 و إس 9 بلس تعمل على إزالة التشويش و الاهتزاز

The technique of optical stabilization OIS in the camera on Galaxy S 9 and s-9 plus works to remove noise and vibration

The technique of optical stabilization in the camera on Galaxy S 9 and s-9 plus works to remove noise and vibration in the picture and the video, whether resulting from the movement of the hand bearing the phone, or the movement of objects that you are exporting.

Unlimited storage on Google + Photos

Owners of Samsung phones Galaxy S 9, Galaxy S-9 plus you will get unlimited storage on Google Photos to store their photos and their videos in high quality and saved as a backup on the Google Photos to ensure no loss.

What do you think of the improvements added by the Samsung camera Galaxy S-9 and s-9 plus?!

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