New evidence is suggesting for the coming subscription service, a new board from Apple


Last year, Apple announced about acquiring Texture, a service that allows users to access to a large number of magazines for a fixed price per month which makes many people called the Netflix of magazines. Shortly thereafter, rumors appeared saying that the process of acquisition that was part of the company’s plans to offer a similar service of its own, which is what it turns out now that it’s true.

According to a new report released recently from the website 9to5Mac, it seems that it was pulling the image from the trial version to the latest iOS 12.2 confirm on what seems to be Apple’s plans to launch a subscription service, a new council. However, it seems that it is more than just a subscription service for magazines, or at least indicate that Apple plans bigger than that.

This depends on the hints contained in the application, such as a ” subscription package “. This has led to speculation that this may be part of the plan of Apple to create a package subscription uniform gives users access to a range of paid services, such as magazines, news, movies, music and exchange for a flat monthly rate.

We know that Apple is working constantly in order to get more TV shows to help promote the service during its launch, but I didn’t know Apple after for anything official, including price and launch date.

Moreover, these services indicate that Apple expects more toward services that are based on subscriptions, that’s what some analysts said in the past that it would be best for the company, which is also something encouraged Apple developers to do because Subscriptions can provide the flow a more stable income.


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