New evidence hinting for coming tablet fancy new Samsung may be the Galaxy Tab S5 probably

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

I didn’t see Samsung reveal tablet new advanced since last February when the slide curtain officially unveiled the tablet Galaxy Tab S5e. Had this tablet a great option for anyone looking for a tablet advanced with the flag that came with the Super AMOLED display size of 10.5 inches, and with the structure with stylish design, the thickness of 5.5 mm, and with many of the attractive features of the other.

As the name suggests, the tablet Galaxy Tab S5e is not a tablet with a refined real. It certainly looks like it is still a tablet well, but it is clear that Samsung is planning to replace the Snapdragon 670 processor Snapdragon 855 in time. That’s exactly what the Samsung tablet coming that will convert the code name SM-T860 and SM-T865 which was spotted recently in the platform performance tests Geekbench.

Regardless of the processor Snapdragon 855 advanced, we don’t know a lot about this tablet except that it will also 6GB of RAM and preloaded with Android 9 Pie which makes it shares all features with Galaxy Tab S5e also. However, even if the processor is the only difference between the two devices, the new design super-slim profile and talk alone might be enough to distinguish this tablet, which is likely to reach the market under the name Galaxy Tab S5 and tablet the current Galaxy Tab S4.

And speaking of Galaxy Tab S4, it was announced in August of last year, so this leads us to believe that he will detect Galaxy Tab S5 also in the month of August of this year. So, maybe it won’t be long before we see Samsung unveil this tablet new.


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