New evidence hinting for coming at least two copies of the phone Oppo Reno, one of them supports 5G


Just been monitoring the phone for Oppo Reno by the Bluetooth SIG with two names, a symbol of civilians, and here it comes all of CPH1919 and CPH1921, so this confirm the previous rumors that we reported that this phone will be available by at least two. The only difference between the two versions is that the latter supports the scope of the n78 for the speed of 5G, while staying all other specifications listed as they are.

Include the information listed in the database Bluetouth SIG that both copies come with three cameras at the back with three sensors of different accurately 48 megapixels sensor first and accurately 8 megapixels, the sensor II, and accurately 13 megapixels, the sensor of the second. Furthermore, you will Features Phone for Oppo Reno also screen Dynamic AMOLED display that we saw for the first time in the Galaxy S10. However, unlike the screen used in the Galaxy S10, that is used in the phone for Oppo Reno will be free of holes, this means that this phone will have front camera which amounts to the accuracy of 16 megapixels in the mechanism of a pop-up or in little pieces in the Middle top of the screen.

It is said that each of the two versions of the phone for Oppo Reno will use the processor Snapdragon 855 flagship the latest from Qualcomm. However, we have heard in the past that there will be another version of the phone Oppo Reno download code name CPH1927 will be the processor Snapdragon 710, and this is what alludes to it will provide this version to consumers who can’t afford the cost of the other version of the high-end. In fact, this does not seem surprising, it is known that Chinese companies are using this strategy to harvest a greater number of sales. Generally, we’ll know more about all models of Oppo Reno in the day April 10 when is the official unveiling of the phone in China.


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