New evidence confirms that the Galaxy S10 will support wireless charging technology reverse


Rumor has it that the series phones Galaxy S10 Series coming from Samsung in the next month will support wireless charging technology reverse, there is now some strong evidence of the health of it. In fact, I’ve been today leaked an image of what looks like a development tool in the presentation of these phones.

As for the outfit first, it is a custom to view the introductory video, while the allocation of the second button to view the cinema screen of the phone, and the third button sensor fingerprint built-in screen. With regard to the fourth button, it is custom for the rear camera three-way, while the Customize button to the fifth and final for the wireless charging technology reverse. Given that it was created a special button for this feature in the validation tool to the presentation, this shows how important this feature is for Samsung. In case you haven’t heard about this feature before, the feature will allow users to charge other devices that support wireless charging technology with the Galaxy S10 their own wireless.


However, the question remains is what is the technology that Samsung will use it. And most likely, the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro uses the technology of Qi wireless charging is the reverse, but Samsung didn’t support wireless charging in the Galaxy Watch or Samsung Gear IconX. Thus, we do not know why the company decided to Samsung included wireless charging technology reverse in the Galaxy S10, but maybe it will serve as a reboot for the coming of more accessories that support wireless charging. Generally, we’ll check everything when is the official unveiling for the series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the 20th day of February next at the city of San Francisco, so don’t forget to come back to us then for full details.


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