New event buy HMD Global Oy on 5 December in Dubai to bring three new smartphones to the market


The company announced the HMD Global Oy just that they will hold a news conference on the fifth day of the month of December in Dubai. The announcement comes as part of the mysterious image of the show three phones logo #ExpectMore. Of course, I didn’t reveal to us the president of the products division in the Finnish company, Mr. Juho Sarvikas any additional information about the devices that will be unveiled at this event.

After the brightness enhancement of this picture, it turns out that the phones existing in the middle and the left contains a cut in the screen unlike the phone on the right. It is expected to have two phones with two values at the level of the screen are Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.1 Plus. There are also Phone Nokia 2.1 Plus that looms in the landscape.

There is a Nokia phone one requires a lot of people for his arrival, a phone Nokia 9 PureView, which revealed to us the previous leaks that he would put five cameras in the back position Round. However, in light of the timing of the event, you may not see this phone in Dubai early next month.

It is rarely detection of the leading smartphones in the month of October because this means that their access to the market too late. So, we may have to launch a local for some of the phones we’ve seen already. Overall, we hope to get more hints with the approaching date of the held event.



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