New European legislation threatens the future of the internet as we know it

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Use the legislative Commission of the European Union during the day tomorrow, June 20, to vote on the proposed new legislation to ensure the rights of the author of the European so-called Article Article 13 can change the internet free and open as we know it, so that this law would lead to the imposition of full control over the legal materials, and if passed, the Law Article 13 means that online platforms such as Facebook, Google and twitter will need to enter the filters work automatically on pick up copyrighted content uploaded by users of the product.

This has lead law, which means control automatic on anything determined by the algorithms that the violation of the rights of publication, to forced technology companies to examine all the publications and everything are posted on the platforms, and remove anything they think he has stolen, and warned the participants in the campaign against this law that is one of the largest affected by this proposed legislation will be comic photos funny online, which often use images that are subject to copyright.

Wrote eminent personalities from the technology industry an open letter to the President of the European Parliament warn that Article 13 represents an imminent threat to the future of the internet, as the open letter that the Law Article 13 taken an unprecedented step towards turning the internet from an open platform for participation and innovation to the tool control and automatic control to its users.

The discussion so far focused on the intended results of the law, including the idea that you should sacrifice a certain amount of freedom of expression and competition to enable rights holders to compel Google, facebook, and others sharing the profits, but the unintended consequences are more important, as the law allows news sites to decide who can link to it, this means that it could exclude its critics.

There are also ways more serious is the possibility of attacks during the crises, so that they can be manipulators in the stock market using the robots, chat in writing of the Claim copyright on the news relating to a company, leading to the prevention of their participation on social media, and actors to politicians to prevent the main constituents through referendums or elections.

The message said: “We support measures that will improve the ability of creators in obtaining a just reward for the use of their online business, but we can’t support the Article 13 of the for the future of the internet, we urge you to vote in favour of the deletion of this proposal”, so that such strict control over the videos News and electoral campaigns will harm freedom of expression.

As to the letter’s signatories, including the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of Wikimedia, Jimmy Wales, Jimmy Wales, David Kaye David Kaye Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression to the United Nations, have questioned also the legality of the proposed law saying that it may be in conflict with the European Charter of fundamental rights.

Said Kai in a message consisting of nine pages published on the internet, it’s very, very concerned that Article 13 will lead to censor and control system active, while Jim kellock, Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Group’s rights to open in the UK Open Rights Group that the new law will provide for a system of robots to protect the rights of the author which would create any image or text or image funny comic or video it seems that it includes copyrighted material.

And the legislation Committee, the first on the final form of the proposal tomorrow, Wednesday, to refer the formula that vote to the plenary session of Parliament, which prompted a campaign to Save Your Internet to urge Internet users Europeans to contact members of the European Parliament before the decisive vote on 20 June, so the campaign includes tools to facilitate communication with them via email, phone or social media platforms.

The legislation aims primarily to prevent the live broadcast of pirated music videos, but the scope of the legislation covers all copyrighted material, any copyrighted material, including images, audio, video and software bundled and code and written words.

Provides specialist consultation, Radiology in the field of security and one of the signatories of the letter Bruce schneier Bruce Schneier Article 13 turning social media and other Internet to police copyright, forcing it to implement infrastructure monitoring across their services, and you can also re-design this infrastructure easily by the government and companies and establish comprehensive monitoring in the fabric of the internet.

It should be noted that the Claim falsely copyright would be easy, so that requires the removal of a false claim to copyright to be reviewed by employees of Internet companies, and real ownership of the work, and the database of millions of Business one at a time, while you can: chat written pollution databases copyright faster than the ability of humans to be removed.

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