New emoji candidates for the 2019

This topic new emoji candidates for 2019 back to the world of Apple.

Recently issued the Union of Unicode Unicode is an update on the emoji that are expected to be issued next year. A new icons on a dog of service, and a deaf, and a group of more than 50 new symbol pairs holding hands.

It’s been announced that new emoji candidates for next year will be as part of the Unicode 12.0. Will make my final vote for the icons in September of the current year, will be the launch of the new emoticons in the first quarter of 2019.

In total there are currently 61 symbol expressive of the new with the arrival of Justice to the 179 code at the adoption of changing icons.

While these icons will be available in the beginning of next year, the new update iOS 12, which will be released officially in the fall will include Unicode symbols 11.0.

Check out the full list of emoticons candidate to be added in Unicode 12, which includes on the face of the yawning, mask scuba, the axe, the face of laziness, oysters, and onions, and the plane of the paper, and more.

Looking to the future, it has been added 8 symbols temporary to the list for 2020, including: Ninja helmets military mammoths and feather bird Dodo and the magic saw, wood and screwdriver.

الرموز التعبيريّة الجديدة المُرشحة لعام 2019

This topic new emoji candidates for 2019 back to the world of Apple.

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