New drug to fight superbugs as a “Trojan horse”

In recent years, the number of superbugs (in other words, bacteria resistant to almost all known antibiotics) are becoming more and more. And this is in fact a real problem that need to do something. The obvious conclusion was to develop “superactivity”. But there is another method, which the authors call a “Trojan horse in the fight against superbugs”.

As the publication of the New Atlas, a new drug called refigerator and at the moment he is already undergoing clinical trials. Moreover, the action of the drug rather elegant way. The main mechanism of action is based on the fact that many superbugs need for iron to sustain life processes. This vulnerability drug and uses

“Refigerator uses a new mechanism of penetration into the cell. It binds with the iron, penetrates with him inside the bacteria and destroys it from the inside.” — said the lead author of the project Simon Portsmouth.

This drug has successfully completed phase three trials, the last of which was with the participation of 448 patients with complicated urinary tract infections. Efficacy compared with a combination of antibiotics imipenem and cilastatin. It turned out that refigerator not only not inferior to the combination of drugs, but also causes much less side effects.

“The results are extremely important, because at the moment we have in the Arsenal, very few drugs against superbugs. As we found out, now refigerator has the highest effectiveness against gram-negative microorganisms.”

If the results are confirmed by further tests — he will get approval from Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines USA (FDA), and therefore the output of the drug on the market will be held in the near future.

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