New diversion ” confirms ” the advent of the phone +Galaxy S10 with two cameras in the hole of the screen


There were some questions about the accuracy of the pictures that leaked recently to the design of the phone +Galaxy S10, so that the designer who was behind the leaking of those photos warned that there is an update coming. If you are hoping to be dual front camera in the hole at the level of the screen wrong, we have some bad news, which consists in the fact that the former is true by a very large.

In fact, he made the boat famous Chinese Ice Universe posted a photo won’t be protective for the company said it designed specifically for the phone +Galaxy S10. These images show that the camera is at a distance from each other. Add to that the space of non-use above the right of the camera, and therefore it seems that a large part of the bar course will be non-usable.

However, based on what we’ve seen so far, it appears that the upper and lower frame of the company in the phone +Galaxy S10 will be the thinnest compared to the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9. And for someone who had the opportunity to use the +Galaxy S10, he says that the latter will remain ” pretty amazing.“.

And, apparently, most of the smart phones that will be released in the next year will come with holes at the level of the screen, at least according to a source familiar with the matter. Even if these directly, it seems that this will be the new normal, especially in market leading smartphones.

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