New details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold by one of the users of the phone

One of the users of the Galaxy Fold detailed information about the Samsung folding Galaxy Fold, before the launch of the phone market.

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Move Samsung not to publish a lot of details and information on her phone, rollaway Galaxy Fold since the first announcement about the phone in the month of February, except that one of the phone units have a user already, Where have been watching a lot of detail about the specifications of the phone.

Has confirmed new details on the Galaxy Fold does not support the folding is complete or the end, where a small gap between the screen of the phone when folded, and that the delay in the response of the screen when opening and closing the phone hasn’t been processed yet, where it appears that delay when you move the display applications from external screen to internal screen.

Also suggest new details about the phone that this delay appears in the Chrome app, for example, where the pages appear in full-screen mode to rapidly when switching between external monitor and internal.

From the other side confirms the leaks that the bend of the screen is clear and noticeable but it doesn’t show badly in the end, as these wrinkles in the screen disappear when you turn on the screen with a brightness of above 70%, and added to that the internal screen can be open at the right side, but in the closed position of the phone, which makes it difficult to use the phone.

Also the company can Foreign phone that supports the user as a phone Android integrated, where the supports run games smoothly, as the phone comes with the settings separately for each screen on the phone.

The phone also supports custom application of Samsung Pay, with the custom backgrounds for the phone, and also support 4G LTE, the phone also comes with one One UI 1.2, and works with Snapdragon processor 855.

Galaxy Fold featuring a storage capacity of UFS 3.0 for the first time in the smart phone to quickly read data 1512 MB per second, the speed of writing data 418 mega bytes per second.

Recall that the Galaxy Fold call in the United States market on the 26th of April, as the start Samsung in receiving applications for pre-booking in the markets of Europe and some other markets on the same day.


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