New details about the iPhones 2019

We know from before that the lineup for iPhone 2019 will consist of three phones styled lineup 2018, which was confirmed by a new report from the Wall Street Journal today.

First of all, you may return the Apple to the adoption of numbers in the sequence as will be noted, but there remains the possibility for the advent of iPhones 2019 the names of the different stands.

While different camera setup in each of the iPhone XS XS Max, will be promote the iPhone 11 Max camera background of the three that supports XR 2019 dual camera.

Since the report did not mention the iPhone 11, the successor of XS, it is expected to remain on the preparation of dual camera.

He didn’t mention the source information from the second camera, but the previous rumors hesitating between being a narrowing field of vision as broad as that in dead 20 Pro or learn on the depth of the scene, the three dimensions such as that in Onur view 20.

The report mentioned the prospect of 2019 XR for the LCD screen for the screen of Olid, and therefore all iPhones 2019 may download screen Olid.

But not it seems likely abandoned XR 2019 on its screen Retina display of the LCD type, which confirmed previous leaks to the screens of iPhones 2019 will come to the same kind of measurement of screen lineup 2018.

Worth noting, We have seen charges an initial days ago to design one of the iPhones 2019, with three cameras background, knowing that the design is still under study as the source.

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