New deadline: Constantinople release officially postponed until January 2019

The holders of Ethereum will have to be patient — hardwork Constantinople will take place no earlier than 2019. This was announced by the developers of the Ethereum Foundation after his meeting on Friday 19 October. Recall the testing of Constantinople in testate Ropsten was held on 13 October, but due to the problems of working on one of the most important upgrades Ethereum will be delayed until the first quarter of next year.

When waiting for hardwork

In view of the current circumstances, the Ethereum Foundation held an emergency meeting this Friday. By results of discussion they finally managed to render a final verdict on Constantinople — in the best case, hardwork will be held in January 2019. It is noteworthy that during the meeting, one of the programmers proposed to replace the term “hardwork” to “update”.

Recall, during testing, hard forks developed by Africa’s Shoden only one exact phrase noticed all the mistakes of the Ethereum Foundation. He said that to hold such an important event should not have on the weekends. Later Shoden published a few notes, where he noted the unwillingness of client users Geth.

Testing of Constantinople occurred only six days after the release of the latest version of the Geth and just a day after updating Parity. Users just don’t have enough time to install the latest version of the software. In addition, the developers found a rather serious bug in Parity, which played a role in disrupting the timing of the testing.

Moreover, “none of the miners” did not work on the circuit of Constantinople, which led to a two-hour delay production key 4 230 000 unit. The community also there is no service to monitor testnet. While all are ropsten-stats, but this website does not show all the necessary data about Ropsten.

Another developer, Hudson Jameson raised for discussion the idea of regular creation of temporary testnet to check all aspects of the transition to Constantinople. In case if something goes wrong, programmers can learn it very quickly.

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