New charges match oneplus about the privacy of users ‘ information

Application portfolio within the oneplus is trying to connect to a server belonging to company Alibaba e-commerce.

In the month of October of the past year reports have emerged about the charges match the company oneplus the Chinese in relation to the privacy of users ‘ information, citing the information to collect a lot of data and personal information for users of its Smart with the serial number of each device and sent to the server in China.

It seems that it still continues even now, as pointed out by one of the company’s users to command his phone to send some data to a third party, after install the trial version of Android oreo on his cell phone which includes a security update for the month of December.

Pointed the user to the IP addresses that are trying to phone call him back its ownership to the Chinese company Alibaba for e-commerce, hosting, cloud, and added to the application clipboard is trying to connect to that address whenever it has updated the contents of the clipboard.

On the other hand, the oneplus about it, as spokesman for the Android Police that the pilot program of the company designed to test new features with a select group of users, and this feature was addressed exclusively to users of the system HydrogenOS, which is the operating system with the oneplus in the Chinese market.

The spokesman added that there had been data storage on any server, and that the company will soon update the beta version of the global system, OxygenOS to remove the water.


Source: new charges match oneplus about the privacy of users ‘ information

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