New capabilities added by the artificial intelligence of your smartphone


Most of the technology companies over the last few years working on the development of artificial intelligence systems and has already been integrated into a large number of smartphones that have been put up newly in the market, and if you don’t know even now how to change the techniques of Artificial Intelligence the use of your phone, here are some of the capabilities provided by you.


Artificial intelligence can be your smart phone to identify the contours of your face, and protect you from the cops if someone tried to impersonate you by stealing your phone, such as iPhone X other smart devices modern.


Of the most important things to care about the user inside the phone is the camera, and artificial intelligence systems has a significant role in assisting the user in capturing the best images possible, and adjusted, based on user preferences automatically.

Aid personal

If you rely on personal assistants such as “will” during the period the next will be the artificial intelligence techniques in making it more sophisticated, and able more fully to identify the natural language of the user and his intentions and help him in several bigger things.

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