New apps and services from Google, which you did not know

Google releases so many new software and various services that are very difficult to follow. But, fortunately, there are our website, and extremely helpful page in Yandex.Zen, where we post all the latest news about technology and mobile industry. Today we have prepared for you a list of apps and Google services that you might not know.

New applications and services is always a good thing!

The contents

Unlock Clock — How often do you look at your phone?

Unlock Clock is an application in style live Wallpaper for phones running Android. Whenever you unlocks your phone, so “just to see what’s going on”, the app will show you the impressive size of the counter showing how many times you for no reason unlock the device and have wasted your time. The counter is reset every day, but also detailed statistics is also conducted. The program is designed, according to the creators, to make you think about what you are wasting your life. But there is also more standard features. For example, display date, time, data about the weather conditions, as well as bar Assistant Google for a quick search.

Download: Unlock Clock

We Flip — Be more sociable

You or your friends spend too much time on their phones when you’re together? Try We Flip, a game that will allow you to learn to know who is the greatest “smartphone addict”. Everything is arranged quite simple. Run the application and put the gadget away. When someone unlocks your phone, the session ends and this then learn more. It’s just a variation on the theme of different games, when the one who is first at the bar, unlock your smartphone, and paid the check. But it also makes you think about how much time we devote to their gadgets. Do you often dig in the phone, during meetings with friends? Confess!

Download: We Flip

Post Box — Work with notifications and not only

This is quite an interesting experimental project of Google. Different kind of notifications can be a pretty strong distraction. Instead of instant notifications, Post Box sends them all at once in a special storage. After that you can check out all of them at once and respond (or not respond) to each notification. But there is one significant problem. Right now you can only choose four time intervals per day in which the Post Box will you be detecting updates. I’d love to in the future it would be possible to choose the intervals at which the program will remind about themselves.

Download: Post Box

Morph — Only apps that you need

Morph is a fancy version to work with the profiles of your smartphone. In each profile you install several useful applications. You also add the time interval or the GPS location for each profile. When you reach the right place or the time comes, Morph will automatically provide you with only the applications that you have installed in the current profile. A fairly easy option to, say, not be distracted by social networking applications at work, at home, to forget about business correspondence.

Download: Morph

Touring Bird — something new for tourists

Touring Bird is a new tour and travel service with detailed travel guides for travelling around the world. Touring Bird tells the tourist what he wants to know. Compare prices on excrete, tickets and activities, hotels, places of interest, tourist routes, sightseeing and lots of other things. Touring Bird also includes recommendations from ordinary users and local guides. Currently the service is only for the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But over time Google hopes to add more seats. And given their huge resources and database, to doubt it is not necessary.

Go to the page of the service: Touring Bird

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