New applications Squad to watch the screen to conduct video calls with friends

For not long, it was the application of the Squad is available only to users of iOS, and it is now available to users of the other system Android, with the signal that it is still in its experimental stage “beta”, is generally the task of the app in two things, the first one in sharing tea with friends, the second to make video calls “video”.

Thus with the feature of screen sharing, there will be many uses, for example, can watch a video with someone, or solve a technical problem over the phone, or even share your screen with friends so they can see what you are doing on your phone easily.

As for the possibility of working with him, you can start a video chat with up to 9 people maximum, and on the Connect screen, you can turn on the option screen sharing, and of course you can block or allow any one in the chat screen sharing, and finally application of the Squad is available to download for FREE Full-on shop Google Play and download it on iOS go to here.

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