New Apple MacBook Air is not a simplified MacBook Pro is an enhanced MacBook

Apple has just completed its second this fall presentation, which was largely interesting than the previous. Yeah, we showed some new headphones, Mac Pro, and wireless charging, but have updated two devices that have already stayed too long on the market.

The first of them is the MacBook Air. Apple during the presentation does not disclose all the parameters, you would think that the new Air is little different from the younger version of the MacBook Pro, but it’s not. And even logging on to the official website of the copertina you might not understand what is the fundamental difference. And it is in performance.

Here’s a look at the official webpage of the new Air and Pro Junior. What CPU are listed there? There dual-core Core i5, except that in the first case, frequency is 1.6 GHz, and the second 2.3 GHz. And Turbo frequencies at all identical. Many may think that that makes all the difference, but no.

The fact that the younger MacBook Pro is fully dual-core Core i5 of the seventh generation. More specifically, there are Core i5-7360U (Kaby Lake-U) with a decent integrated graphics Iris Graphics Plus 640. And in the new Air is Core i5 family of Amber Lake-Y. This is the same CPU that previously called Core m, but then Intel decided to cheat and the letter m from the name drank all models except the youngest. So it’s kind of like the same Core i5 but only nifiga it is not so. These processors are much slower full.

How do you know that in Air just such a CPU? Graphics core HD 617, which is the overclocked version of the HD 615, and the latter is used in the Core m. Well, according to other parameters. Its performance characteristics processor installed in Air, closest to the Core i5-8200Y, except that the frequency is slightly higher.

By the way, in a conventional 12-inch MacBook uses the same CPU, only a generation older. So performance new Air is not at all simplistic MacBook Pro 13, and MacBook increased. And it is not clear why such Air is needed. It turns out that it is slightly bigger than the MacBook, a bit faster and cheaper by 100 bucks for the base. Would it not be easier to call it the MacBook 13, updating at the same time and the 12-inch model? In General, these are all questions without answers. Just keep in mind that the performance of new much less than even the Junior MacBook Pro without Touch Bar.

Come on. Got a MacBook Air display for 13.3 inch resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels. Also here there was the “butterfly” keyboard of the third generation and scanner Touch ID. And then there is the T2 microprocessor, responsible for so much, including for security.

Memory can be either 8 or 16 GB, but the drive is there in the basic version with 128 gigs, but in the top — right 1.5 TB! However, for this SSD you will have to pay 1200 bucks, that is Air will cost you 2400! Think it will be an unpopular modification.

Further, the autonomy promised at 12 hours browser and 13 hours vidosic. Dimensions of novelty are 304,1 x 212,4 x 15.6 mm and weight 1.25 kg. the Case is completely aluminum, and the Apple separately focused attention that is 100% recycled aluminum.

What else to add? There are only two USB-C port with support for Thunderbolt 3 and a headphone Jack. There is a choice of three colors: Gold, Silver and Space Gray. Pre-orders have already started, and deliveries will begin on 7 November.

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