“Never mind” and “objective world Finn”!.. Applications needed by users and available in the app stores

Booming app stores a lot, for the Google Store (Play Store) Google Play Store and App Store Apple Apple App Store you’ll find lots of applications that he knows its users, such as Messenger and edit photos, record audio and export video, including the Unknown or have not slept impress users.

In spite of the plurality of applications, however, there are many applications needed by users is available in the app stores, and did not think of coders in its development to date.

Therefore, the face of the “buckle” a question to users: er application when the same part still available on the App Store?! These were the answers..

The application of “never mind”

Due to the change of seasons climate, hormones, feminine and masculine, needs most of us people “the state,” he tells us “never mind” from time to time, feel that we need to keep in the worst of our mental state, and the source of the chucks of the permanent US.

The application of the “Cook-er”

Despite facing a lot of pages of cooking on social media, apps and recipes and mixes, but that there is no one application required six home writing components and standards available in the fridge, and don’t as a result help them to exploit these ingredients in to cook a proper meal today.

The application of the “objective world, the Libyan intervention”

Unfortunately, making the site the Instagram girls are looking Day and night for the clothes show by the artists and trails Museum in the photo, so that we can continue to apply offers this service, as can also offers to search for the target in the wardrobe, so have mercy on the mothers and wives of the question, “is Finn T-shirt”.

The application of “the foam thanks.”

Because of everyday stressors, no one now can listen to the complaint of others, and everyone needs someone to talk to him constantly without oil, the salt, and at the same time a property of hearing only, without the responses from her!

The application”my daughter and son sale Les”

Come mothers, especially first year mamas, explain the reason for your babies, please know you are crying because of their sense of hunger or because they need to play or sleep, so mommy’s focus in the need to apply translate them to your children, and interests of this maze daily.

Finally, we believe that the application of the former will mostly a great success if the translation of the developers on the ground, because the third world suffer from problems that would be addressed by these applications.

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