Network Twitter say that there is nothing she can do to get rid of the news false


Due to the influence of social media these days, it has also become a platform used by some to spread propaganda and false news. But the question is, on whom lies the responsibility? Do you fall on the users who must hide the false news? Or is it the duty of the house to prevent publication of false news?

This is what I tried to network the Twitter handle during a hearing held recently by the British House of Commons at George Washington University, which is the first hearing held outside the United Kingdom. According to Nick Pickles, head of public policy at Twitter Inc. in the United Kingdom, it appears that Twitter Inc. doesn’t want to judge what is right or wrong.

According to Nick Pickles, has stated by saying : ” We do not judge the truth. Will not remove content based on the fact that this is not true. The only power possessed by Twitter is a group of journalists, citizens and activists who corrects the record and correct the information “. He added that the network Twitter will remove the tweet if they violate the rules, such as those that contain hate speech, but it will stop a judgment as to whether the content of the tweets is true or not.

He added : ” I don’t think he should be on tech companies to decide what is true and what is not true during the election, and that’s what you’re asking to do. I think this is a very important principle “. As noted by the Washington Post, It appears that this tactic is completely different from what you do facebook, the latter came in recently with many ways to combat the false news, such as trying to import the news from sources more accurate and credible.

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