Network Twitter reduce the number of accounts you can follow per day


Similar to social networking famous, it is incumbent on the Twitter network without dealing with the crooks who are trying to find a way to overcome their systems to achieve a quick profit on the product. Revealed the company unveiled a new action against the persons who post the spam level by reducing the number of people you can follow per day. Already network Twitter to allow users to follow up to 1,000 accounts per day.

Won’t need any level of reasonable network Twitter to follow 1000 accounts per day which makes this the logical. Now, the network decided to Twitter to reduce this limit to 400 account only. This is the number of new accounts that Twitter users can now follow them per day.

Twitter says they made this move to clamp down on people who use the tactic of ” creeping up “. Is the use of this tactic by many people so that they follow a large number of people in the hope that this will lead to improve the number of follow-up after that.

In this case, it was easy for this category of users to implement this tactic, in the shadow of the previous maximum of $ 1000 account. Even with a maximum of $ 400 account, you should not see the normal user a lot of influence, most of them won’t follow the 400 new account every day. Some may argue that this is still too high and must be reduced more, but did not show the Twitter network any indicators suggesting that it will do so.


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