Network LinkedIn Launches tool to allow events on the ground

Network, LinkedIn provides a new way to facilitate the organization of events on the ground through the launch of a new tool dedicated to it.

لينكدإن تطلق أداة تتيح تنظيم الفعاليات على أرض الواقع

Microsoft seems to want of its network LinkedIn More influence in the labour market, employment and skills development, having been the first network to connect people with each other in the areas of work, I decided to head over to start gathering them together on the ground through the house, where he developed a tool that allows events on the ground through them, will begin to appear for users tomorrow.

The new tool called the Events will be free of charge, to enable planning, advertising, inviting people to participate in the effectiveness of specific on the ground.

Will the tool within the main menu for the network, as they appear under a special tab on the app for smartphones.

Will pan-users must be 17 October and will be available in English initially, before expanding to other different languages.

Recall that the network LinkedIn with about 650 million users around the world, they meet with mainly in order to develop their business and their jobs.

It can be said that a similar feature will help more in the processes of networking between employees or job seekers between them, or between institutions and researchers on staff, or even between those wishing to hold events and seminars within specific areas.

Was Facebook has launched a tool for event a while ago, but it was the public, as with LinkedIn, it seems to specialize more in the field of work.



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