Network Instagram the implementation of the claims as limiting access to posts


You may have noticed some of you recently how some of the people you follow on Instagram posted a photo showing that Instagram says sharply other users access to their entries. Let these publications that Instagram has the right number of publications that you can share so that they are not able to only 7 percent of the traders to share your posts.

It is unclear how it happened, but Instagram decided to reply now to these allegations through a series of posts on Twitter, where you deny that it has any changes. And remember the company they don’t make any changes and that the algorithm that was used in the former is still currently used, this means that the network Instagram still designed to display the largest possible number of posts from people you follow.

According to the network of Instagram, it has stated by saying : ” no changes have been made recently on the mechanism of classification of the feed, and never hidden the posts from people you follow – if you continue scrolling, you will see the problems their all. Again, is customize the feed for you and evolve with the passage of time based on how you used instead “. As we said earlier, we don’t know how to back these claims, but such claims would damage the business to buy Instagram because that would undermine the companies away from the network Instagram for purposes of advertising.

There are still many users who would much prefer the return of the network Instagram to the feed that displays posts in chronological order, which is what I did to the Twitter network in the recent past by giving users the option of viewing Tweets on the home page in chronological order.


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