Network Instagram has reduced the number of likes of your posts soon


It may be the number of likes in the publications of the Instagram your invisible to others in the near future, given that the network Instagram has now created the design of the new pilot hides the number of likes of your posts.

This information comes to us from the specialized in reverse engineering Jane Wong which has detected this change in the source code for the application Instagram for Android. Unlike the current design, this experimental design new hides the number of likes on your posts from others, but it is still visible to you.

By hiding the number of likes of posts, you want Instagram to focus your followers on what you share, not on the number of likes that you get your posts. Said a spokesman for Instagram that the company is not making this change at the moment, but he said that the company ” always target new ways to ease the pressure ” on its users.

Well, if she keeps Instagram already in this matter, will welcome this change by the people who don’t believe the number of likes and fans an indication on the value of the content of the article. However, we are sure that this decision will make influencers are unhappy and those who earn money on this product based on the number of likes that you get their publications and the number of followers they have.

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