Network Instagram choose the possibility of the publication of others in your own story


Re-publication of the publications that the other post is the thing that many people on the network Instagram. However, this is done through the use of third-party apps because there is not official way in the network Instagram lets you do this, despite the fact that Instagram was testing, formal method.

This feature has not launched yet, but now released a new report from the website TechCrunch stating that we will most likely feature a similar alternative. But instead of watching the publications of others on your personal account, you will share in your stories on the network Instagram. Have confirmed company Instagram they choose this water so that I stated : ” We are always inventing new ways to make the process of sharing any moment with friends on Instagram easier. “

Why in the story, not in your account? Well, given that Instagram is sometimes used as a kind of wallet for some users, maybe Instagram wants to maintain special accounts with their users free of shared posts, and only on their own posts. It is through consultations through the story, it is still possible to access to publications, although the stories that make up the link will disappear after 24 hours, in addition to that there may be some users who do not wish to re-arrange the publications in which they re-share it.

Anyway, there is currently no information about whether the network Instagram plans to Release This feature to all users after the expiry of the trial period or when it might do so in the case if the plan for it already.



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