Network Facebook now require the express consent of the advertisers


After the scandal, data privacy statements of the many about how come Facebook with data users, the company is subject to the scrutiny intense with every step forward. It seems that Facebook is aware of that has conducted some recent changes, which require one now advertisers get express consent in order to create targeted ads.

Note that this does not apply to all ads and targeted advertising that you see on Facebook, but it only applies to ads Custom Audience, but we suppose it’s only the beginning. In addition to getting approval, will need advertisers and also to the disclosure and advertising places which might be they have got their contact information.

Will also give users more control and information, such as the ability to click on a link lets them know who is responsible for targeting information, and how to share your contact information, if you are not satisfied with it, you can block those ads. Of course, the burden is on advertisers to be honest in their allegations, and how do you plan Facebook to this is still unclear.



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