Network cryptocurrencies Tron TRX too many bots

Blockchain TRON can boast a pretty good record. Judging by the number of active decentralized applications, in this matter cryptocurrency competes with the Ethereum and EOS. Increasing rates of ecosystem supposedly talking about her healthy development, but in reality all a little differently. Analysts AnChain came to the conclusion that Tron is a network including a large number of bots, which only give the appearance of activity.

Tron this morning trading at 0.0161 USD. For the past day the cost Aldona dropped to 1.86 percent, however, in the scope of one week it went up by 8.64 per cent.

Blockchain for bots

In AnChain insist that a significant portion of activity in the ecosystem Tron artificially inflated. In reality bloccano cryptocurrency use less than it says statistics.

When analyzing the top 10 games of decentralized applications Tron for the first quarter of 2019, we found out that 30.7 percent of unique accounts and 19.3 percent of transactions belong to bots.

Activity bots are distributed unevenly, as seen in certain decentralized applications. At the time of writing, the first place on the activity employed 888TRON, decentralized application for gambling. It analysts have not found evidence of the presence of bots.

Source: DappRadar

But for application BeeHive, which is in second place, noticed a very suspicious activity. Most of the time traffic is generated by bots. Just in the last day top ten decentralised applications used about 10 thousand people. Including data analysts, we can assume that 2-3 thousand accounts from this traffic bot.

According browser TronScan, now cryptocurrency was about 3.76 million unique accounts. This number continues to grow both at the expense of ordinary users, and by cheating the researchers confirmed this information.

It is noteworthy that Tron can boast a large variety of decentralized applications, most of them devoted to lotteries or gambling. Despite this, in the third quarter of 2019 in mandate Tron was registered about 500 thousand new users.

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The rate of growth of Tron a little above the extension of the Ethereum ecosystem. All the latest features — decentralized applications based on Ethereum require ongoing costs for gas, while the use of TRX and tokens in its database is completely free.

Conclusion: next time you see a tweet Creator Tron Justin Sana about the success of the network (the type of fresh publishing below), do not hurry to take it at face value. Most likely, the real picture of the activity and trade volumes slightly different from those stated.

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