Network Apple concerning the breach by the facilities of the Australian

Apple Company

Responded that pirate facilities of the Australian city of Melbourne has managed to break into the company network Apple TV and was able to download nearly 90 GB of files speed. He also had access to customer accounts using the information obtained before being arrested. The disclosure of court proceedings in a new report issued by the magazine The Age for this hack is strange. Not disclosed the name of the teenager for legal reasons, but stated that he is guilty. He has claimed that he admired Apple company wants to work for an American company.

The company informed apple of the FBI about this hack in the past year. The Office’s work with Australian authorities to locate the hacker. Since Apple was ” hypersensitive on advertising“, according to the prosecutor, has kept the case away from the prying eyes of the media successfully until I started court proceedings earlier this week.

Don’t expect a lot of detail about the process of penetration. It is unclear how the teenager to penetrate a network of Apple and the type of accounts and information to enable theft. It is also unclear whether this violation is limited to the company’s customers in Australia or all the customers of Apple in all over the world.

When authorities raided the home of a teenager last year, they found the files in a folder named ” hacky hack hack ” on the computer. The confiscation of computers laptop is a MacBook and I found the peace that he has ” the keys of the certified ” to get to Apple TV systems.

Nor is it known whether the teenager had submitted data to other parties. It is said it is a challenge for a hack with others on WhatsApp but the extent of those talks is still unknown.


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