Netflix will soon begin a Test view the list of the best 10 shows on its platform

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Announced Netflix recently announced that it will display a list of the 10 best movies and its offerings on its platform in the United Kingdom. Will these existing users from watching movies and TV series that achieved the best performance on the Netflix service. This list will be updated weekly with each class on its own.

On this subject, stated the CEO of Netflix, Mr. Reed Hastings in a letter to investors the company said : ” for those who want to watch what he’s watching others, this may make the choice shows and movies easier. “ He added : ” after a few months, we will decide whether we were going to test or extend it “.

Will Netflix test this new feature with its customers in the UK later this quarter. If you can prove the test of his success in that market, a company may decide to put this list in other markets where the service was launched. This is a simple change but it’s important to buy Netflix.

That’s because the company was long download statistics and data relating to the viewers and involved numbers that get their deals done. Although this list will not disclose the number of people who watched the last season of the series, The Crown for example, they will give us at least an idea of the performances the most traded on the platform broadcast the most popular films in the world.


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