Netflix will lose 85% of new spending for shows and movies own


May be Netflix began as a service to facilitate the task of watching films and TV series produced by networks and studios, but it has grown since then to become a source for original content. The company Netflix is gradually expanding its investment in the shows and movies. In fact, the implementation of the company’s billions of dollars a year on its own content, has said the Prime content in the company now, 85 percent of new spending to buy Netflix will now be on the shows and movies.

He said Mr. Ted Sarandos, is very much responsible for the content on Netflix that nearly 85 percent of the new spending of the company and will be used for the creation of television programmes, films, soap operas and other shows such as documentaries.

Expect to spend Netflix about $ 8 billion on content this year, but Mr. Ted Sarandos did not reach the detection limit of the amount that will be used from the $ 8 billion for licensing costs vs spending on content for the network.

Said Ted Sarandos that it will have Netflix and about 1,000 of original content in its library by the end of this year that 470 of these titles will be held for the first time from now until the end of this year. It’s not as if this step does not make a profit for the company, it has pointed out by Mr. Ted Sarandos indicated that more than 90 percent of the participants in Netflix watching shows produced by the company.


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