Netflix vary the speed advantage of the changing in playback of video content to users of landed

The advantage was speed changing in playback of video content in the service of Netflix one of the nurses associated with the users of the application landed, and today the start Netflix has already test the water on the platform landed.

Come feature variable speed in application Netflix support application users landed soon in the playback of video content in less time and higher speeds, as this feature is one of the qualities required of the users of the app.

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I have had the advantage of variable speed one of the features that previously made in the video streaming services such as YouTube, and today use the Netflix support users landed on this water, where is available in ID-version 7.31.0, except that water is not available at the current time for all users.

Include leaks to Netflix choose a new feature randomly have app users on the platform landed with the expectation of paying the water soon for all users.

Recall that the advantage of variable speed in the application of the Netflix show users a choice known as “speed 1X ” appears to the side of the tab “Audio & Subtitles” and is scheduled to appear in the tab variable speed choices among the 0.5 x, and 0.75x and 1x, and 1.25x, along with the speed of 1.5 x, while the YouTube speed up to 2x, so it is expected to add Netflix this speed later.


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