Netflix supplement cleared to reviews users of its official website on the web


There are many ways to measure whether the product or service or TV show or a good movie or not. For example, there is the evaluation that is based on success, then there are also audits that are sent by users where they can view the reasons for more detailed about the reason for their admiration or lack of admiration for a particular product or service.

Using the Netflix rating system offers on its web site, but as you heard, the company announced last month it would abandon it, and certainly that’s what happened. I’ve had Netflix remove user reviews entirely of its web site, which means that if you want to read or write a review, you won’t be able to.

For the reason that pay Netflix for development of the system of the comments, refer the help page to the lower rate of use as the reason. ” The Netflix of leave reviews on until the middle of the year 2018 when he removed the reviews because of the low rate of use “. According to magazine Variety, it has been predict that the removal of the revisions will help prevent users from sabotaging performances by the negative reviews coordinated as we sometimes see on Yelp.

However, claims Netflix that user reviews don’t affect the content recommendations provided by the algorithm. Did Netflix change the way users view the reviews, where users were able to in the past assess the performances by the stars, but changed the evaluation system this later to positive or negative.



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