Netflix raise the price plans monthly

Netflix raise the price plans monthly

I thought the platform Netflix that offer the television show on demand 12 years ago, I thought to increase prices of its services from time to time, the annual increase in new it seems that the time has come .

Yes, the company has decided yesterday to raise the price of their plans the three main immediately to subscribe to the new, while not changing rates for current participants only at the time of renewal of the service .

He said the network of T-Mobile US it will not raise the price of the service you provide from within their offerings (at least at the moment) .

Netflix raise the price plans monthly

Rates moved as follows :

  • Service broadcast HD via the two screens move from 11 to 13 dollars a month
  • Broadcast service SD across the screen one moved from 8 to 9 USD per month
  • Broadcast service possible 4K/HDR across the three screens move from 14 to 16 dollars a month

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