Netflix is working on a redesigned interface applied

If you don’t know by clicking what you want to watch on Netflix, the choice of the new film might be a difficult process for you. This does not mean that you can’t find something as soon as you start browsing, there are always labels that you can stick to.

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But what if there was something better? So currently you can scroll horizontally to browse the contents and you can scroll vertically, while the chief executive of the interface is in use current is not good enough, and work on re-designing it at the moment.

New design for one of use the application of Netflix may be the design like instead of the current design of the fun-filled sets that look like the classifieds, while the CEO of the company wants the user interface stimulate interest in visual users.

So far there is no model for the next season, but reports indicate that the company choose a number of changes to the interface of use, including change over titles of movies and series, in addition to improvements to autoplay for serial.

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