Netflix is interested in the obsession on the scene of a movie date in Hollywood


Probably require Netflix to buy the first scene of the movie. According to the report, the company is in talks to acquire on the stage of the famous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. In the case of the if Netflix really in buying this theater, it is supposed to decide what will be displayed during the week. This would give participants another way to watch movies Netflix.

The report from the website Deadline Hollywood explained that in the event if it succeeds Netflix in possession on the stage, you’ll decide what will be displayed during the week, while the owner decides the current American Cinematheque what will be programmed on weekends. This may include lectures and festivals.

Sources say mentioned in the report that both sides are looking at this as more of a partnership. This page will enable the American nation to expand its programs thanks to financial resources from this transaction, while the company will be able to Netflix than broadcast offers the latest forge events for some of the biggest films.

May target Netflix also her original possible ready-made to win Oscars. This would be an appropriate use for this site as it was presented the first movie Hollywood in this theater in 1922, this film is Robin Hood. This happens to be the chief of content at Netflix, Mr. Ted Sarandos, a member of the board of the American Cinematheque, but according to the source, it seems that the latter refused to vote on this page.

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