Netflix interested in creating more interactive movies in the future


Has made Netflix a huge success with the film interactive short Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a film where he was able viewers to determine different endings based on the choices that need while watching the movie. This was definitely a unique experience because this style of thinking is common with games, not with movies. With the success of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, feel Netflix now that we have to make presentations more interactive.

The report issued by the site Variety recently to Vice President of production at Netflix, Mr. Todd Yellin confirmed the company’s plans make presentations more interactive. He pointed out that the film interactive first achieved great success in all parts of the world, as he said, ” We will continue to do so more firmly. So stop on over the next year or two see more interactive movies “.

It was Bandersnatch a special episode of the series sci-fi Black Mirror from Netflix. I’ve had occasion to experience the concept of “Choose Your Own Adventure“, but it is clear that the story did not attract all viewers. Noted Todd Yelin that offers Netflix Interactive the whole will not depend on the same outline.

According to Todd Yellin, he has stated by saying : ” I won’t necessarily be science fiction, or will necessarily be dark. Can be comedy. “ He added : ” It may be a love story, where the audience can choose, you should go out with him or not “.

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