Netflix has grown by 35% in the year 2018, the estate of 29 million new common


Announced Netflix just about the numbers achieved by the year 2018. According to the police, they succeeded in harvesting a total return of 16 million USD, which represents a growth by 35 percent year on year, while doubled its operating profit to last year to 1.6 billion USD.

Thanks in the company’s revenue growth to the increasing number of participants in the service, in the year 2018, the managed service Netflix bringing in 29 million new subscribers, 9 million of them in the last quarter. Now the total number of participants in the service 139 million subscribers, and expects Netflix to up the number of new subscribers in this quarter to 8.9 million subscribers.

Exchange company Netflix is also a great success of his film Bird Box, which received 45 million views during the first seven days after its launch, and expects to achieve 80 million additional in the first four weeks. Furthermore, the Apple company chose Netflix as well with the great success of the series of the Spanish Elite who has amassed 20 million views in the first four weeks.


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