Netflix doesn’t seems to want to be linked with gluttony watch anymore


In this age, we’re starting to see companies begin to launch features designed to promote well-being digital, which is basically a feature trying to convince users to stop spending long hours in front of computers or their own smart phones. In line with this, a recent survey has revealed that even teenagers are starting to feel concerned about the amount of time they spend on their phones.

To this end, it seems that Netflix no longer wish to be synonymous to buy a watch, which was somewhat synonymous to the company thanks to the fact that they tend to launch the new seasons of the series once, and the ability to AutoPlay the next episode after the current episode, as well as the ability to access to season after season.

This according to representative Guy Pearce where he asked during an interview with the Empire Film Podcast about whether the new series The Innocents, which involved enjoying a greedily viewing. Then he replied Guy Pearce saying : ” I don’t think Netflix like the term ” gluttony “. He also revealed that the members of the team display, they were of the type who have been guiding them in advance is strictly to avoid talking about the ” voracious views ” during the interviews.

It is unclear why would you want Netflix to avoid this term, but as we have said, given that the more companies focus on luxury and digital, we wouldn’t be surprised in case if you don’t Netflix want to be wearing her name, the establishment of the army idle in the living room in front of the TV with potato chips.


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